Lights, Camera, Romance


Actress Emma Hutton is determined to help find her friend Hope a perfect match but in doing so, she accidentally tramples on several hearts. When Emma realizes she herself has always loved her good friend Gray, Emma learns love works best when she doesn't meddle with it. A charming romance inspired by Jane Austen's "Emma."

I really recommend to see and put on the list of the best films, because Lights, Camera, Romance certainly deserve it. I confirm that my expectations for this film was very low before I saw it full. I can easily recommend. It has a beautiful storyline. It is not told dynamically, only calmly, with a sense and a certain dose of poetry. I'm the biggest fan in the world of movies like this. Everytime I watch Lights, Camera, Romance movie online, I'm really enjoying the music, it is just pure soul of this movie. It was clear, Lights, Camera, Romance will be a good movie, I knew that after first trailer. It's a great movie, you can watch it here in HD quality.... Show more

Directors: Brian Brough
Countries: United States
Release: 2021
Duration: 90 min
IMDb Rating: 6.1
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