Murder Island - Season 1


Filmed on the remote Scottish island of Gigha, Murder Island is based around a murder plot, written and developed by Ian Rankin, that stars a group of amateur detectives who will compete to solve a crime and build a "watertight case" that can stand up in court.

In my opinion Murder Island - Season 1 is one of the most impressive tv shows. I accept that my expectations are very low before I see this tv show. The moon is moving downward on a path that is clearly like a dream, and many turns like many dreams. I could describe it like a magical trip to some of the happiest moments of my childhood. I'm not a true fan of TV Show, but I'm like that too!. You don't have to be fan of TV Show, I'm not too. I have not found this tv show full elsewhere so I uploaded it here.

Actors: Ian Rankin
Countries: United Kingdom
Release: 2021
Duration: 50 min
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