While the City Sleeps


The death of the media magnate Amos Kyne leads to a power struggle between his leadership. In the meantime, women from New York fall victim to a serial killer. Reporter Edward Mobley faces almost impossible missions: catching the killer, preventing the media empire from falling into the wrong hands, and keeping his romantic relationship from falling apart.

Created in While the City Sleeps, While the City Sleeps became an unexpected hit. I confirm that my expectations for this film was very low before I saw it full. I can recommend the film with a clear conscience to anyone who appreciates deep and thought-provoking cinema. While the City Sleeps filled me with hard to explain energy, made me so embedded in it. Friends call me crazy when I tell them I saw the whole movie online more than 10 times. When a movie makes all of its scenes so influential that you don't want to pick your favorites, you know you're dealing with great production. Forget the torrents, watch it online here.... Show more

Release: 1956
Duration: 100 min
IMDb Rating: 7
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