No One Would Tell


High school student 16-year-old Stacy Collins has never been in a relationship, as she has always been shy and never felt like part of the crowd. So when she hears that Bobby, a popular student and athlete, is interested in her, she immediately decides to go for it. But not soon after, Bobby starts to get jealous and manipulates her, constantly telling her what she can and cannot do. Things eventually escalate even further when Bobby would get physically violent with Stacy if she did anything that he didn't approve. With constant fighting, yelling, misunderstandings, and bruises, it is not long before Stacy's mother and friends suspect that something is wrong and start to worry that her life may be in danger. Despite the situation and constant pleas from others, Stacy would not let Bobby go and would take his side, refusing to end the relationship and telling everyone that everything is okay. Eventually, she comes to her senses and decides to break things off. But, at the last minute, she makes one last decision. However, her decision would lead to a deadly consequence.... Show more

I really recommend to see and put on the list of the best films, because No One Would Tell certainly deserve it. The cast is also extremely convincing in their roles. The storyline is carefully and smartly written, the character development is very satisfying too. No One Would Tell without doubt has excellent dialogoues. Director of this movie is talented, insanely talented man. Fucking loved this movie! Such a mix of emotions, even online!. Forget the torrents, watch it online here.

Directors: Noel Nosseck
Countries: United States
Release: 1996-05-06
Duration: 96 min
IMDb Rating: 6.7
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