When six college kids in a sleepy Southern town are assigned a group project to rediscover a moment in history, one of them sets in motion a horrific fate when he proposes they head into the Georgia backwoods to tackle the legend of Emily Burt, the Talbot County werewolf. "Lycan" is a Hitchcockian tale of horror set in 1986 that delves into a hundred year old fable where our students are met with very real consequences that go beyond any classroom lessons.

Lycan is a piece of a really strong cinema. It is my favorite Horror movie because parts felt very similar to my life experience. I can easily recommend. It has a beautiful storyline. It is not told dynamically, only calmly, with a sense and a certain dose of poetry. I'm big fan of Thriller movies. The quintessence of this film are dialogues and conversations that stand out from other elements. Bev Land proved that the whole film can hold the viewer's attention. Now everyone can see it online free.

Directors: Bev Land
Countries: United States
Release: 2017-08-04
Duration: 87 min
IMDb Rating: 6.4
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